FREE TOEFL Practice Test

Free TOEFL Practice Test

Free TOEFL Practice Test is one of the best exam preparatory applications developed by Practice Test Free. It helps you to make yourself ready for the TOEFL test. Everyone knows what a TOEFL test is and there is no need to introduce it. The app has three subjects and a total of 55 questions. You can do only those parts which you want or to take the whole test. You have 55 minutes to complete the test if you are going to answer to all questions. A good feature of the app is that in “Biological Listening” part the questions are played for you to listen and answer. This is very good because it puts you in the real test situation. You can replay a question if you have not heard it well. Each question has four answers and you have to select the correct answer but if you don’t know the correct answer then you can leave it and proceed to next question. The unanswered question will be marked as “Not Attempted”. After finishing the exam you can see a summary of your work which consists of your correct and wrong answers. It also shows correct answers next to your answers and this way you can find your weak points. The app can be installed on any PC and even USB flash drives. Some key features of Free TOEFL Practice Test are:

  • Practice TOEFL test on your PC
  • Audio playback of “Biological Listening” section
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows